Whitfield profile 20

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Dec 22, 2022
Rhode Island
I have a Whitfield profile 20 that I recently got from a friend. It has run great for about two weeks and all the sudden after cleaning it I am having issues. The stove with immediately turn the fans on when I plug it in and they will run for about 15 mins before shutting off. I also can not get the auger to feed any pellets at all but it does have 120v going to it when tested with a meter. I’m not sure if one of the switches or sensors could some how still be stopping the auger operation if it has 120 going to it? I’ve searched through the forum and seen many issues with these with the photo eye etc but I’m not sure that’s what’s causing the issue if I have power to the motor. Thanks in advance!
Sounds like a bad auger motor & a bad control panel!!
Also when these stoves get old and have trouble seeing the fire, I highly recommend doing the Eye Bypass Surgery:)
See here
Power and ground both go directly to control panel, so, yes you can have hot without stove running.
When stove is plugged back in, combustion fan will run for a programmed amount of time, it is a safety feature. On some, the room fan may also run, I am told.
Most common problems keeping stove from running after cleaning-
Vacuum switch damaged by air pressure, or vacuum cleaner
Dirt/ash now plugging the hose to this switch, or the port on firebox it plugs in to
You can check these, you also can bypass switch to test
Also, people have a tendency to knock wires off, check all connections.