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dandb819 Posted By dandb819, Oct 25, 2009 at 6:13 AM

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    Oct 25, 2009

    Just bought this stove and was getting ready to install this into the house. Went to hook up the control board and I am not sure how to get this hooked up. The large connector is clear and the four wire is also. The problem is there is only one two pin connector on the back of the conrol board and on the stove there are two harnesses that have the two pin connectors. One has plain rubber coated wires that I think goes to the back of the controler for the flame sensor. The other one is also yellow with two wires but they are like a cloth woven wire instead. I have no idea were these are supposed to hook up to and also the door switch has a place for two wires to connect to but there are no wires to hook up to it. I saw this stove run a week before it was pulled but the guy that owned it did not watch the tech taking it out so he had no ideas were the wires went. The schematic only showes one two pin connector with yellow wires not two and also does not even show the door switch. Any help at this point would be great!

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