Whitfield Scraper Rod Replacement Kit 14750014

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May 29, 2021
Anyone know where to find the Whitfield Scraper Rod Kit (14750014) or have instructions and/or special wrenches for less than $100?


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Feb 1, 2010
Denmark, EU
A couple of years ago forum member Don2222 made a very detailed thread on how to replace a broken scraper rod on a Whitfield Advantage. The replacement kit should fit both the Profile and the Advantage series, according to Don's thread.
Link to Don's thread:

And Don may know where to get the replacement kit. You could ask him in a pm on the conversations section on this site.

My Quest Plus is from 1998 and the scraper rod is a bit loose after many years of use. I fear the day it will come all off. A pair of pliers could do the job, but it will be messy.
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