Will CA's Prop 87 save planet?

Mo Heat Posted By Mo Heat, Nov 5, 2006 at 7:11 PM

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    In a typical CA style election full of complex ballot initiatives and lying politicians, potential supporters and detractors of Prop 87 are currently deciding whether to vote yes, vote no, or simply slit their wrists to avoid making the wrong decision, after reading all the contradictory information supplied by the seemingly infinite people and institutions that stand to gain or lose from its passage or defeat.

    This battle has already raised half as much money as was spent by Bush or Kerry in the last Presidential election, so the stakes are apparently very high. This has all the big names participating or contributing: Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Hollywood's elite, Google founders, Sun Micro co-founder (Vinod Khosla), Exxon Mobile and Big Oil, Senators Feinstein and Obama, Madeline Albright.

    All the major (and liberal) newspapers are taking positions AGAINST Prop 87. Why? Let's just say... it's complicated and leave it at that. This is why I'd rather slit my wrists than vote in another CA election. You seem to lose even when you win. Only you're never really certain which actually occurred. Black is white. Left seems right. Hold your nose, punch the ballet, and hope traffic isn't too bad on the way home to your cracker box apartment surrounded by concrete and refugees from the 60's.

    It's a typically confusing CA election with voters wading through hundreds of pages of pre-election voting materials they can't hope to understand (pro, con, rebuttal to the pro, rebuttal to the con -- written by mysterious individuals who you suspect are actually taking a stand contrary to their real position simply to exploit poll data), and supplied by the Secretary of State to help with voter decisions as well as seemingly daily contradictory news articles and campaign literature.

    And just to make you feel a little uneasy, the communications director for the "Yes on 87" campaign is named Yusef Robb. Hmmm, that almost makes me laugh considering this it's essentially all about lowering mid-eastern oil imports.

    Good luck saving the planet CA, you'll need it. This single tax (at the gas pump) will raise nearly half a $billion each year for California's politicians to spend using their infinite wisdom. Of course, now that people are realizing that it means gas prices will be higher, it is fast losing support. "Oh gosh, I didn't realize I would have to fund it with my gasoline purchases! Why do I have to pay for it? Can't you make a big, evil company pay for it?"

    To see all the fuss, do a Google search on "california prop 87" and start reading...
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