Wiring thermostat


Dec 28, 2017
I need some wiring advice for my hardy outdoor furnace
I have had my hardy for about 15 years and decided to make a change in how its hooked up
I have separated my heat exchanger coil from my furnace airconditioner acoil
I wanted two separate systems and not use my furnace blower when heating with the boiler
I bought a modular blower unit and mounted my heat exchanger in it and tied it into my duct work
My idea was to have two separate systems that could work independent of each other
My issue now in finishing it up is wiring one thermostat to bring ing the blower relay on the modular blower and energizing the pump relay
outside at the wood stove at the same time
I could use a dpdt relay and have the thermostat energize it then use one set of contacts to bring on the blower and the other set to pull
in the pump relay
any one have a better idea?
I never liked the furnace blower pushing air through two a coils at the same time plus I couldn't use my lp furnace while using the outdoor furnace
Thanks in advance

E Yoder

Feeling the Heat
Jan 27, 2017
Floyd, VA
Two coils in one duct shouldn't be an issue, however what you're doing should work fine also. If it's a 120 v. blower with a fan relay then you probably could use the power to the fan to also run the pump, no extra relay needed.