Wood ID

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Feeling the Heat
Nov 19, 2023
Maybe Norway maple? Not sure though 🤔

Wood ID
I think that's too dark heartwood for any maple? (At least that I've seen.)
The bark looks a lot like a mature Norway maple, at least to me. The smaller ones I have cut had some darker heartwood, but didn’t cover as much as the tree pictured. The heartwood color is what’s throwing me off
mulberry, probablywhite mulberry (Morus alba )
Few North American tree species have yellow/ orange wood.
Mulberry is common "weed" tree establishing itself in disturbed areas. It's common in urban areas.
It's solid wood for heating 25.7 M Btus/ cd, but will spark & pop.
Mulberry, not Norway
I have not split mulberry in a while. I think is was pretty stringy. Yes and i do remember it throwing lots of sparks also.
Looks like there are some leaves. Can't make out.