Woodpellets.com Order that went wrong!! Pics included

LIpelletpig Posted By LIpelletpig, May 17, 2012 at 10:38 PM

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    sadly, these days, credit card acceptance by a vendor is almost a must.....about 85% of our pellet sales come in by credit card. If you read your CC Agreement, you will find that you cant charge a different price for charged items, although a workaround for this is to offer a discount for cash. Lets not forget that the CC companies are paid by the vendor between 2-5% of the gross charge as well (not a little money really). A company like WP.com almost has no choice but to accept credit cards, given all their business is iver the phone and online.....sedning a check online just doesnt seem to work. Now, in fact a check could be sent, and the delivery could be held up until it clears too, but its cumbersome. There really isnt any chasing money, as most outfits require payment that day or beforehand. If your CC is maxed, or your check bounces, you dont get product...its that simple. As for someone paying when it gets delivered....your right, that doesnt work....you got someone who has to "step out, just for a second (hour)"....guess when the pellets come?!

    As for unhappy customers, its unfortunate they tend to post whereas the happy ones dont. Amazon was mentioned. Their system also encourages the positive transactions to post as well, so it doesnt look as bad. Here, there are MANY folks who are happy with them, but you wouldnt generally know it, just the ones who arent.

    The customer is high maintenance? I dunno.....it depends on your outlook and personality, I guess. Some are, some arent. He was up front though about missing the appointment...traffic accident. these things happen....he didnt have to tell us that. My opinion is still the same....I think the original post was premature, but Im glad it was straightened out!

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