Xbox 360 Kinect or Windows Kinect?

MishMouse Posted By MishMouse, Jan 12, 2012 at 9:34 PM

  1. MishMouse

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    Jan 18, 2008
    Verndale, MN
    I was looking into gaming systems and the Xbos with Kinect caught my eye.
    Due to working on a computer all day I have issues with any type of gaming involving pushing of buttons etc..
    I am looking for something that would require me to be more mobile and not stationary.

    I heard that Microsoft might be releasing a Kinect for Windows in the near future.

    What is your advice on should I wait on the release or go with the current Xbox360 or a different system altogether?

    What are your opinions on the different gaming systems that allow for better interaction between the user and the gaming device?

    Which system do you prefer?

    Note: Besides a computer my only dedicated gaming system would be the Sears knock off of the Atari 2600.
  2. Highbeam

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    Dec 28, 2006
    Mt. Rainier Foothills, WA
    I was a computer gamer for quite a while. Not online, just shooters. I liked using the mouse to aim the guns and click to fire, move with keys on the keyboard. Trouble was that computer games always push the envelope of computer technology and I was finding myself buying new computers every year or two just to be able to play the new games. That's a hassle for regular people and expensive.

    We got an Xbox to remedy this. It was cheap compared to a new computer and allowed me to play on the big screen in HD. It took a little while to get used to the controller vs. a mouse but now it is second nature. Then one Xmas we got the kinect. I have a couple of young daughters. We all like the kinect better than any of the other motion controllers and it is pretty entertaining for kid's games. Be sure that you have a tall ceiling (think jumping and swinging your arms above your head as though spiking a volleyball) and be sure that you have adequate space in front of the TV.

    It's really pretty cheap and the game consoles are way better for games than a PC. The kinect is as good as it gets for that technology.

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