Xtraodinaire 36 elite damper rod keeps falling out of place

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New Member
Jan 3, 2022
Watertown NY
Hello everyone,

I just bought a home with a beautiful fireplace. The insert is the xtraordinaire 36 elite. I’ve used it daily for the last month or month and a half.

The damper rod is loose, as in has a little play left and right. That is fine, and looking at the parts, it seems normal. What isn’t normal, I don’t think, is that 3 times now the damper rod “forks” have somehow slipped out of the holes in the damper. After the first time, and figuring out how it all assembled, I’ve been extremely careful not to apply any twisting force.

It’s generally very annoying because I can manage to close the damper, but then I have to let the fire go out completely, and let it cool to fix it. When it is -7f, like tonight, that is not very practical.

Has anyone else had this problem, is there a permanent fix?



FPX Dude

Feeling the Heat
Oct 4, 2007
Sacramento, CA
As I can remember, take out the combustor, there was some kind of vertical steel piece that the rod went thru and kept everything aligned, and keep those forks in place. The picture really doesn't have it, but if still can't get it, call Travis.