Articles on Hearth Fuels and Hearth Products

Glossary of Hearth Terms

Fuel Cost Calculator - Compare the cost of various fuels!

About the Fuels
Wood Coal Gas Pellets CornElectric Firelogs (Store-Bought)
New - About Electric Space Heaters!

About the Products
Comparing Common Stove Materials (cast iron, steel, soapstone, etc.)
General Advice on Choosing a Product

BTU Calculators - How much heat does that room need ? (older Calculators here...not as accurate)
Fuel Cost Calculator - Compares the cost of various fuels based on your input
Calculate the cost of heating with various wood species
Wood Stove Burn time and output calculator - based on wood capacity and type and firebox size.
Water Storage for your Central Heating Sytem- A Calculator and some basics on water storage for your wood boiler

Links to Parts Resources for antique and older stoves

GAS Appliances
Gas Logs Gas Stoves and Fireplaces Gas Fireplace Inserts
More General Info about Natural Gas and Propane
Vent-Free Appliances - An Article from Canada questioning their use.
History and technical information on Natural Gas and LPG
How Gas Appliances work - Different Valve and Control types and troubleshooting hints.
Should you turn your Gas Pilot Light off - in the off season?
Troubleshooting Direct vent Appliances - (technical) article on some possible service issues.

WOOD - Fuel

Heat Values in Wood - Burning Qualities of Common Wood Species
Starting a Wood Fire - From the world's foremost expert
Watch a short movie on how to start a fire in a stove
Chainsaw Wisdom - buying and using tips
Tending a Wood Fire - Once you get started......
Burning Wood Better - Tips and Hints on clean and efficient use of the fuel.
Creosote from Wood Burning: Causes and Solutions
Up in Smoke ? -- Getting the most from your woodpile
How to burn wood in an emergency situation - when the power is out or you run out of other fuels.
Tips on buying wood - don't get burned when you purchase firewood.
Should open fireplaces be illegal ? - one scientist speaks out!
Clearing the Air about Wood Heating - A guide to the wholesome benefits of wood heating
Wood is Good - An article outlining many benefits of wood heat

General Chimney Information
Chimneys - an inexact science
Chimney and Fireplace Sizing - Make certain that your stove or fireplace drafts well.
Chimney Caps - does your fireplace need a chimney cap? - your answer may be here.
Making a block-off plate for your masonry fireplace - for your chimney liner!
Relining a Masonry Chimney - Most of them need it!
Planning for your chimney liner - The measurements and components you will need to cost out your job or materials.
Install an HT Insulated Chimney straight up in two story situation -A good way to go for best draft and lower cost.

Outdoor Appliances (new)
Clay Chiminea Use and Care - Help with your new Clay Mexican-Style Fireplace
Cast Iron Chiminea Use and Care - For metal outdoor Mexican-Style Fireplaces
Patio and Yard Firepit Use and Care - For Fire Pits, Fire Rings, etc.

Reduce your Heating Bills - Sources of heat loss in your home!
About Electric Space Heaters - What you get for your $$ as well as safety issues.


Wood - Stoves, Central Heaters, Installation Hints
(Note- see Chimney Section also - below left)
Choosing a Wood Stove
Burning Wood Right - more info on choosing and using
Heat Local with Wood, Pellets or biomass bricks - renewable and sustainable local fuels!
Wood Stoves Wood Fireplace Inserts Fireplaces
Upgrading your open Fireplace - Glass Doors, improved dampers, Firebacks and Heat Exchangers can help.
Upgrading your Prefab Metal Fireplace - These fireplaces are different than those built of solid masonry! Learn about your options for various style and performance upgrades.
How to Install a Woodstove - Most of what you need
How to Install a Wood Burning Fireplace Insert - Planning is the key!
Relining a Masonry Chimney - Most of them need it!
Hearth Design and Construction - An extensive article with links and guidelines
Building a Wood Stove Hearth #1 - Steps and pictures
Central Heat with Wood - Introduction to Biomass Central Heat
Water Storage for your Central Heating Sytem- A Calculator and some basics on water storage for your wood boiler
Outdoor Wood Boilers- including information on the new EPA clean-burn models
Wood Stove Clearances - overview of wall, floor and ceiling protection needs.
Clearances to walls - more on installing safely
Passing Through a wall - Your installation may be wrong!
About R and K-Values - for calculation of wood stove hearth materials.
Fisher Wood Stove Information and Links - a trove of information about early airtight stoves
Do's and Don't of Catalytic Woodstoves
Do's and Don't of Non-Catalytic Woodstoves
Obtaining Hot Water from Your Stove
Gasket Maintenance - replace your aging door seals
Cleaning Stove and Fireplace Glass - the right way to do it.
Removing ash from your stove- safely.
Spring and Fall Stove Operation

Pellet/Corn/Biomass Appliances
Pellet Stoves and Inserts - Quick Basics
Pellet and Corn Central Heat- Is a furnace or boiler using biomass in your future?
Corn for Home Heating - Learn about this home-grown fuel.
Locating, Buying and Storing Corn - Helpful hints
Consumer Guide to Heating with Pellets -Part 1 - The Fuel and What to look for in Appliances
Consumer Guide to Heating with Pellets -Part 2 - Venting, Operation and Maintenance
The Basics on installing a Pellet Stove - Read before you buy or install...
Pellet Stoves Service, maintenance and parts - A new section which will be growing quickly

COAL Appliances
Coal Stoves and Inserts
Choosing a Coal stove - Information on coal stove types (stoker, hand fired) and operation
Understanding hopper-fed Coal Stoves
Central Heat with coal - hand-fed or automatic - hard coal provides cheap heat!
Coal Tips - Starting and Maintaining a Coal Fire

Misc. Articles
The History of Fire - started LONG ago!

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