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  1. chrisasst

    chrisasst Minister of Fire

    Aug 13, 2008
    cortland ny
    Ok this is probably dumb question, but I can never figure this out. Do I get more heat if I have more air intake or less air intake. That is one of my down falls, I can never figure out the proper air adjustment. Also does more air = more pellets burned?

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  2. imacman

    imacman Guest

    Chris, IMO, the more air you introduce into the burn the hotter and FASTER the pellets will burn....there's no free lunch.
  3. Xena

    Xena Minister of Fire

    Nov 30, 2005
    South Shore MA
    I found that I was able to control the burn
    better with an outside air kit...

    I went the first three years using inside air.
    The biggest issue I noticed was, a cold
    draft across the floor. Room would be 75F,
    my feet would be cold due to that draft.

    Last week I connected a fresh air intake to the
    outside. Cold draft at floor level is gone.
    So imo if you can but haven't already, try to
    set up a hose to the outside your better off.
  4. slls

    slls Minister of Fire

    Jun 9, 2008
    central maine Lat 45
    The best way to set air is to close it till a smoky and lazy flame, then open the air slowly until it clears up and the flame is bright. If the stove gets sooty too little air, blow torch flame too much air. The right air setting will give maximum efficiency for what ever quantity of pellets burned.
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