Average install cost for insert?

TriMom Posted By TriMom, Feb 5, 2013 at 4:30 PM

  1. TriMom

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    Jan 29, 2013
    Another newbie question...

    What is normal price for install of insert? I'm in SE MA.

    I've been quoted between $475 plus $250/350 kit depending on chimney height 25'/35' up to as much as $1500

    When is the best time of the year to buy?

    Any thoughts on comparing Accentra vs. Mount Vernon?

    Made by same company but one is more high tech and bigger. Sometimes more high tech means more problems to maintain and fix.

    Sound levels of motor much different?
  2. DexterDay


    Search up top can be your biggest friend.

    There are so many threads comparing these 2 models. Both are very well reserved and do an awesome job.

    As for the install? I self install. I have no clue. And for the record, my vote is for the Harman. :)
  3. smoke show

    smoke show

    Go Harman.


    Feb 4, 2013
    South Eastern PA
    I spent in July about $5600 for my install. Included a ton of pellets. Had to have a custom surround made and the removal of my old propane insert was a pain in the a_s.

    At the current rate my payback will be in less than 3 years.

    Love my Harman.
  5. TriMom

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    Jan 29, 2013
    Thanks for thoughts, simple, reliable and good dealer support seem to be key factors.

    Expensive decision to make and hard to know which way is best to go.

    May have local dealer out to house to make a recommendation as to best location for stove or insert. Our house isn't open floor plan with about 1600 SF on each level with 3 fireplaces. The pellet furnace option would likely be best choice compared to 2 pellet stoves, but even bigger initial investment which I am not sure I'm ready to make.
  6. PoolGuyinCT

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    Jan 17, 2012
    Plymouth CT
    I spent 650 labor only for my insert install, it was not installed with "recommended measures."

    No oak or block off plate, but hey the manufacture only recommends them, they don't insist...

    I'd like pay that guy with another $650.00 in nickels (in a bag) over his head.
  7. glenc0322

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    Dec 30, 2011
    long Island NY
    I had my Accentra installed in 2011 and paid $800.00 for the install I am sure I could of installed it my self but wanted to have the store that i purchased it from install it. Obviously I prefer the Harman but I think you would be happy with either stove. Have them install the oak (outside air kit) at the time of your install you will be happy you did. hopefully you can see both of the stoves running in the show room and compare the looks and the sound of both stoves. cleaning is very easy on the harman but you need to purchase a rail kit for $450.00 to pull the stove all the way out for your yearly cleaning and to clean the chimney. or you can make a rail kit good luck and do your research and enjoy savings and a warm toasty house. here is a video of cleaning a harman insert
    and make sure you take pictures and post them of your install
  8. DexterDay


    1,600 per level!!!

    4,800 sq total?!? If your looking to make a dent in your heating, then the insert may do it. 2 inserts will really help.

    But coming from someone with a Pellet Furnace. I can tell you, its the way to go... :)

    Do you have Forced Hot air already? If so, the PF-100 would be about the cost of 2 inserts with install (give or take)
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  9. TriMom

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    Jan 29, 2013
    We do have forced hot air. I've looked at the pellet furnace option. Our local dealer has sold some PF 100 but doesn't install them as he said HVAC folks have to install them.

    I've also looked at Traeger GBU 70 which would be less than two inserts. Other option is put something like P68 somewhere on the main floor and vent through side of the house. Our house is maybe 4000-4200 SF finished. Kitchen and Master bedroom have windows three sides and are cooler than rest of the house but not sure putting stove/insert there would heat as much of the house.

    We don't plan on staying in our house long term. When our kids are out of the house in next 5-8 years we plan on downsizing. Having something we can take with us, and use in another house, would be ideal.

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