Fiskar Super Splitter

dave7965 Posted By dave7965, Feb 26, 2010 at 9:24 PM

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    After reading all the reviews on the SS, I bought one last spring and used it almost exclusively on about 8 Cords of red oak. I was quite surprised at how well it worked. Some of the tougher pieces still did a little better with an 8 lb maul, but I almost never picked it up, unless I had a visiting dignitary.

    My 82 year old FIL is very active and loves to put up wood. Most of his heat comes from wood in Wisconsin, but he still loves to fly out to California to help us out when he has time. Any guy that get's on a plane to come put up wood for us get's his choice of the available equipment.

    When we were both splitting at the same time, I noticed his preferrence for the Fiskars over either the 8 lb maul or a 2 1/2 lb True Temper axe on a hickory handle. Needless to say, a Fiskars arrived at his house shortly after his return last spring, to say "thank you!"

    He has been swinging it all summer and seems to like it, even when compared to his favorite splitting axe back home. He earned the nick name "One Whack Jack" while out here with our Fiskars.

    Really quite a guy; still has not given in to a hydraulic splitter, yet. Says splitting wood keeps him from getting "old."
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