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  1. gnatboy911

    gnatboy911 New Member

    Jan 10, 2011
    Western, CO
    Hey guys, I haven't posted much, but enjoy reading all of your insight.

    I found this deal on Craigslist and was wondering what you guys thought?

    Also, do you know what model, how old, etc this stove is based on the picture?


    thanks a bunch.

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  2. KevinG

    KevinG Member

    Aug 10, 2010
    Lancaster County, PA
    Personally, I wouldn't buy a wood stove that isn't EPA certified and has a glass window. I like to see my fire and I like not having to worry about chimney fires, assuming dry wood, of course.
  3. Fsappo

    Fsappo Minister of Fire

    Apr 9, 2008
    Central NY
    It looks like a Vigilant. This should be in the classic stove forums as it is an oldy but goody. A mod will probably move it. If you do decide to buy it, give a careful inspection of the inside of the stove. Check for cracks along the inner fireback. Check the main bypass damper operation, make sure it isnt hanging up.

    It doesnt appear to be a knockoff stove. Make sure when you see it in person it says "Vigilant" on the sides of the stove to be sure.

    If it looks as good inside as it does outside, thats a heck of a deal for an older style stove.

    Keep in mind also (even though it says it comes with pipe) that this stove MUST be used on an 8" chimney. Make sure this fits in with your plans.

    In regards to the glass doors, some of those Vigilants had cast iron plates in the doors that could be replaced with glass. If you make that mod its nice for seeing if a fire is going, but due to the lack of airwash the glass will dirty up pretty quick.

    If I couldnt afford an EPA certified stove, needed or wanted a wood stove and had an 8" chimney, I'd buy it for that price.
  4. Motor7

    Motor7 Feeling the Heat

    Nov 10, 2009
    East TN.
    The pic shows it with a 8 to 6" adapter on it. Franks is right, it will run 10 times better on an 8" flue. $300 sounds good to me...........

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