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    Hi! Please help! We bought this house last spring and it has a wood stove. No manual. It's a VT castings - Vigilant. We have never used a wood stove before and would like to start it... Help! I have searching the internet for at least an hour now. There are a lot of ads but nothing that tells us exactly what to do. Ex. Put the wood in- start the fire- make sure..... Could you help us? Thank you!!!


    You should be able to get a manual for that stove from Vermont Castings at the link below. In addition to that, read our fine starting and tending articles in our info area.
    also- the Vigilant has a "startup" mode (damper open so smaoke goes up the chimney) and "cruising" mode ( after it's real hot - you can close the main damper....Please check this out..then go to http://hearth.com/what/specific.html for more info.
    http://www.vermontcastings.com is the maker of your unit.

    Link: Vermont Castings

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