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Bartman Posted By Bartman, Dec 23, 2007 at 1:40 PM

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  1. Bartman


    Dec 17, 2007
    Long Island, NY
    Just picked up a new Husqvarna 137, ayone have any feedback on it? So far I haven't used, or even started it yet, I've been doing some electrical worlk for the owner of a local power equipment dealer who sells to a lot of tree guys, saw it on the rack and bought it. Currently I don't have a small saw (running), and needed something compact enough for small stuff. Years ago I used to sell the Husqvarna line, (1976-80) and they were about the best, don't know about the present. There seem to be 2 camps, 1 that rave about Husqvarna and down on Stihl, and 1 that raves about Stihl and down on Husky, (at least around here). Purchased this thing for a song!
  2. triptester

    Feeling the Heat

    Aug 25, 2006
    Opinions will vary greatly but the best saw for a particular person is the one that fits your needs at the best price.

    Enjoy your new saw.
  3. reaperman


    Nov 1, 2006
    Central Minn
    I have the same saw, got it this fall, free when I bought a splitter, not a bad deal! I never had a small saw before but I always wanted to pick one up. My 'ol 044, gets a bit heavy for limbing up branches. So I thought this would be a nice addition. I do like the saw, I probably only have about 2 hours on it so far. Its weight is the real ticket, and good power for a small saw. I've been cutting mostly popple with it. I leave oak for my stihl. The main drawback to me, would be the way the chain goes on the sprocket. I'm use to the stihl way. Where two nuts are taken off and the sprocket is visible. With the husky, the round clutch is in the way of the sprocket. It just takes more time to take a chain on and off. And the chain tightner-screw is along-side the bar, making it hard to tighten the chain with the plug-wrench tightner. Where the stihl chain tightner is perpendicular to the saw.

    I've always said: A chainsaw is only as good as the chain is sharp.
  4. cmonSTART

    Minister of Fire

    Nov 29, 2007
    Antrim, NH
    It's Husky's small entry level saw. It's OK. Richen the high end up a bit from factory settings if possible and be sure to burn 50:1 exactly and you'll be fine. Good saw for limbing and small stuff.
  5. downeast


    Had the 137 for 10+ years for a tree saw, for backpacking trail work, emergency car saw up north.
    Just got a Stihl 009L: lighter, barks and bites, more torquey even buried in a log. No choice now for a tiny saw.
  6. bjorn773


    Sep 12, 2007
    Rockford, Illinois
    I have a 136 that I love. It works very well for limbing. I like to have it along with my 359 on a site. I use the 359 for all of the big stuff, then pick up the 136 for the smaller stuff. The 137 I'm told is the same saw but with a more restrictive muffler. My local saw guy suggests swapping out a 136 muffler on the 137 to let the saw breathe better and get the most out of it. I agree, the chain tensioner could be in a better spot, but it works. I keep a screwdriver in my case to use for turning the screw.
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