Just felled and split green oak and fir tight stacked on concrete - mistake?

donalyncs Posted By donalyncs, Nov 14, 2008 at 8:44 PM

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  1. donalyncs

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    Aug 12, 2008
    Northern CA
    We have never had freshly felled and freshly split wood (black oak and fir) to reckon with before. My husband figured we should tight stack it all in the typical stacking fashion (16" lengths all stacked parallel to each other) in 10' long rows 5' high and virtually no space between the rows. (just like he has stacked seasoned wood all his life). Since the guy that owned this place before us planted concrete instead of lawn, we stacked it directly on the concrete (no pallets, no 4x4s underneath). 4 stacked cords later, my husband is reconsidering this stacking method. He's now wondering if it WILL dry like this or only mold and rot.

    We are in a wet, moist climate (coastal No. Calif.) We do get sun and wind. The oak is stacked butted against a fence on one end and against the perpendicular stacks of fir on the other end. I stacked the fir with space between the rows. The oak is stacked with no space between the rows. We did not expect to use this wood for 2 - 3 years as we are getting 4 more cords delivered and that will stack in front of this.

    Questions: Have we made a gigantic blunder? Do we tear all the oak and the fir stacks down and re-stack it all (before the next delivery this week)? If so, is on the concrete OK,not OK, re-stack in a cross stack fashion or would just a looser stack with space between the rows be adequate? Or is the fir OK and the oak must be re-done, or is it all good - no worries- keep doing the same stacking methods but with space between the rows? I have just spent over 2 hours combing the forum and website for the answers to no avail.

    Any good tips would be GREATLY appreciated, especially since I have been down with the flu for 9 days and Hubby has had to go it alone. We always work together so here I am trying to help in whatever way I can between sniffles!
  2. smokinj

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    Aug 11, 2008
    Anderson, Indiana
    Restack lol concrete is where i keep most of my wood
  3. billb3

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    Dec 14, 2007
    SE Mass
    Except for the concrete lawn, that's how my brother stacks up his wood right on the beach. It seasons. He just keps adding rows right next to each other. He's about 15 rows wide now.
  4. ansehnlich1

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    Dec 5, 2006
    Adams County, PA
    hmmm, I myself have a terrible case of obsessive compulsive disorder, in particular, when it comes to firewood.

    welcome to the best wood burnin' site on the world wide web!

    you're about to get numerous answers to your question.

    I would say that it is fine right where it is, in particular, if you cover the top of it. Now, it likely would have been better up off the concrete on 2x4's or something, and it likely would have been better with a foot between rows, and if you're really, REALLY OCD, you'll restack it, but my gut says it AIN'T NECESSARY, especially if it's gonna sit til next year.

    Cover with a nice tarp, some rubber roofing, sheets of used tin, whatever.

  5. RedRanger

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    Nov 19, 2007
    British Columbia
    Very similiar climate up here. Uncover it when the monsoons stop in late spring-till then cover the tops. No worries cept for the wood on the very bottom row. That bottom stuff may or may not absorb some moisture. And even if the bottom row does soak up a bit of moisture, then when you get to it. Stack it on the top of your next rows when you get into them. I sure as heck wouldn`t bother re-stacking all of that.
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