leg height on Papa, mama, and Baby

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    Hello all, I want to ask this on the forum so it may help anyone who is wondering this, But Coaly could you help again please?:) I feel like I'm being a pain in the A$$ sometimes, but this is fun and great information! Anyway, My baby bears legs are 7" long and my mama bear is 4" ? to put it politely, WTH;? I've been through the site looking and maybe I missed it, but was there a standard height for any of the legs? I don't think mama's legs were cut , they still have the lower tapers and are very clean and even. I just saw a papa on CL for sale and the legs look like there about the same size as the baby.

    To fall off the subject for a minute, I was reading a post, "can I save my Fisher" that poor stove had some welding issues also!!! I'm not one to bash anyone but, what was up with Heston? I didn't get to much involved on explanation but my baby was a mess as you knew, the ash tray was held on by big boogies from underneath, the 6" flue was "welded" from the inside. "what a joke":rolleyes: and the corners underneath looked like dead snails in a train wreck!!! <> Now I've took a close look at mama, "here we go again" but it's fixable...... I think mama is another subject from Kansas...._g anyway, sorry to get long winded, any thoughts on the legs please?

    Thanks, Dave

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    Standard leg height on mama papa and gma and grandpa was 24" front and 30" rear. that would leave 6" clearance from the stove to the floor. Many people altered the legs to fit fireplace openings, hearths etc. I can not remember but I am pretty sure a baby was 7" standard.

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