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Log-length load quote....fair deal or not?

Post in 'The Wood Shed' started by Iembalm4aLiving, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. Bret Chase

    Bret Chase Minister of Fire

    Jan 15, 2013
    In my life and work experience... being in the woods is far safer than being 50' in the air landing a 5,000# beam...

    I guess it's all relative

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  2. Iembalm4aLiving

    Iembalm4aLiving Feeling the Heat

    Oct 3, 2008
    N.E. Ohio
    HF has their trailers on sale....I may need to get myself setup for scrounging.
  3. nate379

    nate379 Guest

    All the tree places here either grind it or sell it for firewood, no free lunch!

    I don't mind "scrounging" if it involves at least a cord or two of wood, but just for a tree or two, by the time I get all my junk loaded up in the truck, get setup to cut, etc, it's just a hassle. Sure it's "free" wood but if I end up spending $15 in diesel for two trees that cord of wood is kinda expensive.

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