Lopi revere vs Harman exception f200

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    Sep 13, 2012
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    So I have a dilemma and coming to you all for advice. I have a chance to buy one if the two above wood stove inserts. Both are 8 years old. Both are listed for about 700 to 800. They both have similar features.

    What is everyones opinion on these two stoves? Is one stove/brand better than the other? Any if you can provide to educated on you experience and knowledge is greatly appreciated!

    Is this pricing I am getting a good deal?



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    Feb 21, 2008
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    Nobody answered this question? Did you make a decision? I don't know anything about Harman stoves, but the Lopi Revere is an excellent all around stove/insert in my opinion (my own stove is the "cheaper" version of the same thing, basically, has a lesser door). Made in the US so parts and info are always available, and Lopi has a great website with videos and info and even recipes! Speaking of that - the Revere sticks out of the fireplace and into the room a bit. In my opinion this was a big plus because it gives off more heat without the blower (such as in a power outage) and it's got a big enough area to cook on. I think it adds some advantages like you might get with a freestanding stove, combined with the "space saving" of an insert so that is what I was after. The Harman probably does not extend into the room that much. Lots of folks looking for inserts want them the more flush the better, so if that's the case for you, that could be the decision maker, whether you want more of a flush stove or one that extends into the room.

    I think 700-800 sounds pretty good IF the stoves are in really good shape and don't have warpage, etc.
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