Needing info from experienced pellet stove users

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    Jan 30, 2008
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    We are ready to purchase a pellet stove, to heat 750 sq ft cabin with ceiling peaks to 13'& 16' Loft above a portion. it is well insulated, yet a good amount of windows. We are in Alabama, but these 15 degrees temps have really been cold and we like it to stay 70ish inside.

    Mostly because of the price, I am looking at a US Stove (King Ashley) 5500 w/ a 150# hopper, 48K BTU/Hr, says it heats 1200 sqft. but I think that might be under what i need due to the loft area/celing peaks. The US stove is looking good due to the $1700. price and free shipping!! I am broke due to the cost of LP this winter and the conventional heater we kicked on for a while!! I would actually pay a little more if I could get my hands on it this weekend, but down south noone just has these things sitting around unless they are over $3-4K.

    You folks have any advice?

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