Oh my, BATS !!

chrisasst Posted By chrisasst, May 7, 2013 at 8:46 PM

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    That article says this "The homeowner’s policy explicitly states that it doesn’t cover rodent infestations. But in 2006, Allstate had no problem paying $3,841 to have the flying mammals evicted from her walls. And that would make sense, as bats and rodents, biologically speaking, are from two distinct orders (Chiroptera and Rodentia, respectively).
    The homeowner took her problem to Sacramento’s CBS 13, where reporter Kurtis Ming attempted to get to the bottom of this dung heap. Allstate eventually told the TV station that it made a mistake when it paid the claim in 2006 and that the homeowner’s policy “excludes bats,” even though Ming could not find the word anywhere in the documentation.
    The California Dept. of Insurance looked into the situation but decided not to do anything, calling it a difference of opinion."
    A "difference of opinion"???
    So in Allstate's "opinion" bats and rodents are the same species. Boy would I be taking that one to court. LOL If the policy stated it didn't cover infestations, they could refuse to cover a bat infestation, but specifically stating they don't cover Rodent infestations means just that. It would be easy to prove in court that bats are not rodents.
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    Some states have rules in effect that bat colonies can not be distiburbed until the have raised their young. I expect if you look around there is going to be some sort of non profit or government agency who will work with you to ge tthem out of the attic and into suitable nesting spots. I wouldnt be surprised if certain species of bats get threatened status very soon.
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    I've gotten rid of bats in an attic and a shed by leaving a light on as they are not blind and prefer dark quiet places to sleep.
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    Here is a link to a detailed article about how to get rid of bats. Hope it helps you - http://www.howtoremovebats.com/how-to-get-rid-of-bats-four-step-guide/
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    Umm ... that was a year ago ... hopefully they figured out a solution to the bat issue by now.

    Zombie thread!!!!!!!! It lives and rises again!!!!!
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    ha the old bats!

    when i lived in minnesota as a kid our farm house had a ton of bats.. they would be in the attic all clawed onto the chimney in the winter, we would pop op the attic door and shoot them for fun with our bb guns. you could hear them moving thru the walls at night scratch scratch scratch.. they didnt bother me to much, we had fruit trees all around the house and my dad thought thats what may have attracted them, plum trees mostly..
    he went and found the holes they were entering thru as you could tell they would pee around them, hung a 5 gallon bucket under the hole half full of water, and for months after that (this was summer now) he would empty buckets ffull of dead bats..

    never did totally get rid of them. i thought it was fun chasiing them thru the kitchen with a tennis racket. we had 12 foot kitchen ceilings so we got quite a show. the step mother was the one that didnt like them much and would squeel and run around like a girl. she also didnt like the shrews that would run across the floor when we watched tv at times.. i think they would come up from the fieldstone basement, where we had a 6 foot tall wood stove.

    that was great times. really miss that place.
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