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    Hello- I hope you can help me. I was recently given an older Sierra woodstove. It has no metal plaques or anything regarding clearances. I would like to get this installed in our cottage in LaHonda-CA. But- I am unable to find someone to install it and I am afraid that I might run into problems because it is not EPA certified.


    In the US- when a stove is unlisted or labeled- you default to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Assoc.) Standards. These are generally: 36" from sides and back Floor Protection 18" on floor in front of doors 12-18" around stove. I think you might find the NFPA online.... Some states use different standards so make sure you check with your building or fire officials.
    HearthNet has a new article discussing stove clearances at the link below.

    Link: HearthNet Clearance Article

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