One of these days when you can only scratch your head and say what da_______

elkimmeg Posted By elkimmeg, Jul 19, 2006 at 3:14 AM

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  1. elkimmeg


    Maybe because it was so hot. I had one of those days when it is easy to say what da

    Third trip to this expensive home to do a final mechanical inspection. I had left a list of items that needed attention Like guys, this is a final mechanical inspection. Suppose all appliances should be up and running. Do you believe I being too hard to ask that the AC work that everything should be hooked up and on line? Noted on the building card to fill the damper to Angle iron with solid masonry. This was noted 3 months ago when I did the rough . Two weeks I made note of it again and that the damper did not work.

    First thing I checked no mortar filling the seam in the fireplace and still the damper did not work. At least the AC was working s I mean air was coming out. I set the thermo to AC from current reading 82 to 75 on both exchangers. I then go to the oil burner. My prior inspection, I noted excessive carbon build up in the connector pipe. This us usually caused by the connector pipe inserted too far into the vertical flue. There is a note on the card that it was corrected and cleaned. I have learned long ago not to take peoples word and I placed black magic marker marks on the vent pipe underneath to indicate to me something was changed. In this case, all indications the connector pipe was cleaned and moved. I also check the efficiency reports and it falls within acceptable range of 82% not great but ok.. Good would approach 85% for this particular boiler. Remember these test are taken within a few minutes of it firing. Not really how the boiler acts under full demand when all zones are screaming for heat. I mention this, as any boiler can run right a short period of time. By now the boiler has fired and heat exchanger activated. I check the exchanger in the basement for air leaks not bad could be better. All exposed hot water piping has the required R5.0 insulation. However the exchanger needs an air filter change because it is filled with plaster dust. The oil burner gets another o twice over the damper weight is operating correctly. The pressure relief valve is installed correctly all pressure and temperature gages are reading in acceptable ranges. Back up stairs to the first floor and directly to the second floor all bath-ceiling fans are now operating. The washer and dryer closet now has louver doors. Things are going ok except for the fireplace Right away the upstairs feels cooler. Next a trip to the attic. Must be 120 degrees or more up there. Code requires an access way to all appliances or equipment for serviceability I’m walking on joist. No over flow drain or automatic float trip switch. And on the supply side this exchanges is leaking cold air like a sieve. Also missing is the service plug. Then I scrape the high pressure coolant line the idiot installer used silver solder. Code requires these lined to be brazed..
    I return to the first floor and it feels too warm. I check the thermo and it is now reading 83 degrees. Buy now cold air should be coming out the vents but its not. I go outside to inspect the compressors the fans are operating but the installer forgot to connect the high and low feed lines to the first floor zone.

    I mean is it too much to expect ac to work for a final inspection on a million dollar.
    Home? I fail the inspection write up the additional code violations and remind the builder he owes another re-inspection fee. This particular builder is not one of the best. He is ok, basically your modern builder by telephone. He has no building skills Tomorrow I will get the phone call asking me what needs to be done and the whining and crying. I then will tell him if it were me I would take responsibility to make sure that all systems worked and that I am tired being his quality control. Really I should not be the first one to activate his mechanical systems. When he finally gets all his approvals and is looking for his occupancy permit he will need his checkbook to pay for 2 re-inspections.

    Ok my new iMac arrived form warehouse Deals from Amazon I had to use a credit issued to me from the last G5 iMac that had a melt down 4 months later. This one is definitely an up grade I got Airport remote. ISight Ichat built in camera. The processor is more robust 1.9. the video card is far superior an upgrade from 64 megs to and ATI 128 megs. Hard drive space doubled to 160 and ram doubled and I paid $50 less that the other 1.8 G5 iMac in January. Why so cheap an open box special .I made out like a bandit right? Not so fast all software is missing the systems disk, The I life suit I chat I video all missing. To boot there is a refurbished sticker on the box, but not an Apple refurb, It voids the original Apple warranty and I do not qualify for the extended Apple care. Here we go again, I e-mailed Amazon about quality control and truthful listings.

    Back to real work I am custom building a vanity here at home in my workshop. At least I am out of the hot sun. I am routering out the cabinet doors side rails and end up smoking out my router. Its hot and Electrical consumption is at an all time high, We are experiencing rolling brown outs. A simple case of reduced amperage under high demand = router burn out It smoked then flashed into flames. At least it was a cheapy Craftsman. I have others. So how did your day go
  2. Robbie

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    Jul 5, 2006
    East Tennessee- Great Smoky Mountains.
    DUH !! elkimmeg, beautiful compared to yours..................does the brown outs affect other appliances such as frig. etc. ?

    You sound like you take pride in your work and do a great job, congrads on that.

  3. elkimmeg


    Day before yesterday was about the same. I get a cell phone call from the wife we have no hot water

    I know that damn 30 year old tankless oil boiler is acting up again. I go to the plumbing supply house and pick up a burner firing nozzel They do not have my flow rate one in stock So I take the closest to mine that reduced the flow a little bit. Mind you it is every bit as hot as yesterday No Ac in My pk. If I had it it would only get used a few times anyways. There is no way to work on these things without getting oil on you and black soot and it hot. Oh! I already mentioned that, so its damn hot. I can'y say that the original one looked that bad but I swapped it anyways. Ok all back together throw the switch nothing. AT this point I'm about talking to that boiler threatening to do bodily harm to it if it does not turn on. I go and throw the switch again. Time to get the vote meter. It confirms no power to the unit. Well must be a tripped breaker? No that's not it. Then I remember there is another switch on the back side of the burner. Could that been tripped? Sure enough the wife was in one of her cleaning moods and must have brushed it when putting stuff on the near by shelf. So I all oily and sooty because of the tripped switch,the burner imediately responed and comes to life. There are times when hearing the boiler running is music to your ears, this is one of them. I have stopped cursing at the damn thing and now wondering how the lesser flowing head will work. So far so good but will its effeciency be reduced I don't know. My wife reminds me I might need a shower and not to go near me.

    Wives, got to know how to read them. Imediately, I rule out this is not a romantic situation. I'm about to lay the blame on the no hot water situation on her. But hesitate knowing that will lead to a discussion and somehow get twisted to being my fault. As I taking a shower I mulling over situations. My wife ask me. how much do you think we saved by not calling a service man? I say I don't know what they charge to throw on a switch? All it cost me is about an hour's time and about $3.50 for the nozzel and I left it at that. Damn was it hot
  4. precaud

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    Jan 20, 2006
    Sunny New Mexico
    Gawd, can I relate to that... over the last couple days, after normal communications proved fruitless, I have had to resort to shaming a couple people I do business with into "doing the right thing." These are folks that are normally quite reliable.
    Same with my SO, who is stuck in fantasy mode when it's time now to do something.
    There's no room for laziness in matters where intregrity is at stake. Well, not much room for it, anyway... :)
  5. begreen

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    Nov 18, 2005
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    Ain't it the truth. But you did save a $60-100 service call at least. And if it was a dishonest repair person, you would have been charged for parts too.
  6. Turner-n-Burner

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    Mar 21, 2006
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    Hey Don, Ive been away from the forum for a bit so maybe I missed it.

    Whatever happened with that builder who was using hollow core bricks in the firebox. Did they tear the whole chimney down?

  7. HarryBack

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    Dec 27, 2005
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    Elk- Very common for the burner switch or the Emergency switch to get inadvertently turned off.....Id say $75-$100. Cant really blame the tech who fixes it either...time to come out to the house, diagnose the issue. Most burner repairmen will almost always check the switches and breakers first in a No Power situation, so, Im guessing it he would have been in-and-out. I can also support the charge, especially if he had to come at night or on the weekend.
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