So what is a Scandia or Franklin stove worth?

elkimmeg Posted By elkimmeg, Oct 4, 2006 at 3:55 PM

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  1. elkimmeg


    At the scrap metal yare price for steel and cast iron is between $.10 to .12 per pound
    that Franklin /Scandia is worth betweeen 20 and $35

    Just finnished two trim jobs where both homes required Alumium gutter removal. Doing the right thing, I cut them up and brought them to the scrap yard for recycling ( All going to China) What a plesent supprise $80 cash for the Alumium including a storm door in there as well
  2. babalu87

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    Nov 23, 2005
    middleborough, ma.
    Now git yur gen-o-rator and start a cuttin at dem gard railz

    Anyone remember that story from a few years back?
    A couple dumb asses were caught cutting aluminum guard rails for scrap

    I turned in a bunch of aluminum a few years back from work and was very happy as I drove off with my empty truck ;)
  3. BrotherBart

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    Nov 18, 2005
    Northern Virginia
    They quit buying the stuff at our landfill.
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