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kristuphir Posted By kristuphir, Dec 15, 2007 at 6:32 AM

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  1. kristuphir

    New Member

    Dec 12, 2007
    Lake Elizabeth, CA
    I'm back. We're getting ready to install our new Englander, and have a couple questions that I can't quite find the answers to.

    1) As far as a hearth is concerned: Our house is built on a slab, with the carpet in the living room placed directly on top of it (over a pad, of course). What we'd like to do for a "hearth" is tear the carpet out along the wall, down to the concrete. The resulting concrete area will be much larger than the required hearth size. Then, we thought we'd place the stove directly on top of the concrete slab. Finally, we wanted to line the concrete-to-carpet transition with wood and fill the entire "hearth" area, including around the base of the stove, with maybe a half inch of...well, gravel, for lack of a better word. Sorta like the pretty shiny kind you see in fish tanks, only black.

    Does anyone see any problems with this? I think it would be more than sufficient in terms of combustible materials, but I'm new, so...

    2) On the wall where we want to put the stove, there resides a small, decorative, nonoperating window. It's about 18" in diameter and does not open, close or do anything. The stove would look fantastic centered right underneath it. There would be at least 2 feet of vertical clearance between the stove and the window. However, we'll be using the Simpson kit for venting. This setup would place the vent rather neatly just underneath, and slightly off to the side of, said window. Since it's a glass and aluminum window that doesn't open, can I get away with it as long as I treat it the same as the rest of the outside wall in terms of clearance? I'm having a hard time finding any code reference to this type of situation.

    Took out our old propane stove tonight and started patching the hole its vent left in the drywall. Turns out there must have been some other sort of stove installed there before the propane one, as there was already a shoddy patch going through the bottom of the wall that the LP stove had been blocking from sight...well, time for Round 3!

    Thanks once again!
  2. pegdot

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    Nov 16, 2007
    Upstate, SC
    Your plan for the hearth sounds like it would be fine combustion wise but how on earth are you going to get up any ash that falls on the rocks during cleaning? That's the only problem I see with the idea. It does sound like it would look really cool though so....I might be willing to look for a way to make it work. How about a little larger rock that something like a handheld vac wouldn't be able to suck up? You might also check into clear resins to see if it would be practical to install the rock and then pour a resin over it to form a solid surface. It's been years since I used any of that stuff and it was way pricey back then but prices may have come down.

    I can't answer the vent question but I'm sure some of the guys can help you out. Personally, I'd do it but if there are any inspectors involved or if you plan on selling the house any time in the near future the proximity to the window could be a problem.
  3. Xena

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    Nov 30, 2005
    South Shore MA

    I believe the clearance requirements aren't strict when it comes to a window that
    does not open, (such as a picture window). Different story for doors and windows
    that open and close. The reason is that exhaust can enter the home through
    doors and windows that open. Only potential problem I can see is, if you wish to go out then
    up with the vent which wouldn't be very pretty.
    If you haven't already, you might want to read through the section of your manual
    pertaining to installations. Others will chime in soon with more input I'm sure.
  4. Shane

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    Nov 21, 2005
    Casper Wyoming
    PM Mike about your pipe question. I'd imagine that the answer is in your owners manual. The hearth will be fine like pegdot said, might be a little hard to clean the as up though.
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