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They were so good!

Post in 'The Inglenook' started by save$, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. save$

    save$ Minister of Fire

    Sep 22, 2008
    Chelsea Maine
    this is a picture of one of the beefsteak tomatoes I was getting until now, Late Blight has set in and destroyed every tomato plant except for those in greenhouse. All the vines, and fruit are black! When LB starts, you see some wilting of the leaves, then some dead spots, the some blackened areas on the stems. Within a week, they are all dead with nothing green. LB can't winter over except on infected potato tubers being held over. Maybe also in some compost piles if they don't freeze. The extension service says this LB comes in on seedlings imported from out of state. Small seedling plugs go to two local greenhouses where they are potted up and sold to the big box store. The spores just sit waiting for cool wet weather, then they just take over like some alien invasion from outer space. They are airborne and can travel 40 to 50 miles. When I saw this stuff start, we picked off our plants and got 5, 5 gallon pails. A couple days later, I had to toss out one pail full because they showed signs of being infected. we made tomato relish, dilled green tomatoes, canned tomatoes, and tomatoes canned with summer squash. We were up canning until 1 AM.

    But, this winter when the cold wind blows, we have our shelves full of our summer vegetables. I have some nice pictures of when they were doing well. I’ll be busy plotting out next year’s gardening tactics.

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  2. fossil

    fossil Accidental Moderator Staff Member

    Sep 30, 2007
    Bend, OR
    That's one beautiful tomato! M-m-m-m
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  3. ScotO

    ScotO Guest

    Two slices of toast, a little Hellman's mayonnaise, and a slice or two of that tomato......MMMM MMMM!
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  4. webbie

    webbie Seasoned Moderator Staff Member

    Nov 17, 2005
    Western Mass.
    Scotty, come up to the upper class.
    Olive oil - and a bit of basil, and maybe a slice of cheese.....on rye or a good NY Bagel.

    Or, just sliced and laid on a platter with olive oil, basil and good.....mozzerella. Sop it all up with some warm crusty italian, french or portugese loaf.

    No Hellmans.
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  5. ScotO

    ScotO Guest

    Web, that sounds delicious too. But I CAN'T let all the redneck out of me......GOTTA have my Hellman's on my ol' fashion 'mater sammich!!
  6. Defiant

    Defiant Vermont Castings Geek

    Dec 5, 2007
    Old Lyme CT
    I love Hellmans also, but when you reach the age of webbie and I, evo and basil on a plump garden beefsteak are to die for.:cool:
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  7. Jags

    Jags Moderate Moderator Staff Member

    Aug 2, 2006
    Northern IL
    Don't listen to them Scotty. Throw in a few slices of crispy bacon and make it a real sammich.;)

    (for the record, I love and often do the maters, evoo, basil and fresh moz. - try a light drizzle of balsamic to give it another flavor profile.==c)
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  8. Adios Pantalones

    Adios Pantalones Minister of Fire

    May 20, 2008
    S.NH- Mass's smoking section
    Could you freeze seeds to kill late blight and plant your own seedlings (I know- it's a lot more work and requires space that many don't have)
  9. lukem

    lukem Minister of Fire

    Jan 12, 2010
    Amen. I had one for lunch Saturday. Don't forget to go heavy on the pepper and a little salt.
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