Q&A Woodstove in basement of Cape Cod style house?

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    I have a wood stove that i would like to use in my basement. I have a cape cod style house with (2) windows side by side at the top center. I don't want some obnoxious piping or Chimney on the side of my house offset about 8 feet from center or so, then extending up past the peek of my roof. I have a neighbor with a 2x2 concrete block chimney going up exactly the way I think mine would to have to miss the windows. It's appearance is quite obnoxious. Any tips or is this what "I" have to do if I want a wood stove in my basement. I'm thinking it has to go out the window area and up.


    However you do it, a full chimney is needed. This can be straight up through the house (closets) with a metal chimney..or out and up with metal or masonry. For better style the masonry chimney can be encased in brick ..or the metal chimney framed in and sided or stuccoed.

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