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Adjusting the primary air of pellet stoves

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with out a Magnahilic this is the best way to dial it in.
with the stove on High and running for 15 minutes after start up.
Push the air rod in. you will see a tall ugly lazy flame .
then ,slowly pull the rod out .
as the flame comes down, the flame becomes more intense and is more yellow .
when the flame looks like it is not changing anymore stop pulling out.
If you have sparks popping this is normal ,
but you dont want to see Pellets popping out.

If you get Brown or Grey soot on the glass and firebrick this is normal .
if you have BLACK soot on the firebrick and glass pull the air out a little more.

If you have the air out all the way and there is no change in fire, then you have an air leak or the ash pan or a door is not shut,
or your venting in not correct.
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