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Arduino Controller

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Many of us on are using the Arduino microcontroller to monitor and control our boiler systems. This page is for discussing the controller system and as a guide to things we've done.
(Arduino Home Page)

perl script and arduino sketch by member mwk1000 to monitor temperature from the arduino:

Updated version in use on Ubuntu 9.10 with updated Sketch "TankControl_v5p"

The controller is being used in many points of a boiler system:
-Monitoring temperature at various points of the system
-Monitoring stack temp, could be used for secondary combustion chamber also
-Control the circ pumps, zone valves, dump zones (with power)

Below are some typical components used in these systems.
Serial Enabled LCD"
1-Wire Temperature Sensors
Solid State Relay Board

Here's some good information about subjects relative to HEARTH users from the
http://ArduinoInfo.Info - ARDUINO Power Control - Temperature Sensors - ARDUINO: What IS It? - ARDUINO: Hands-On Learning
..Let me know if there are questions I can answer.
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