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  1. D

    Englander 25-pdv won't feed pellets

    Hello Guys, Hopefully you guys can help me. We have an Englander 25-PDV, Manufacturing date of June 2008. After doing the annual maintenance (burn pot gasket, door gasket, glass gasket, exhaust blower gaskets, hopper gasket, cleaning the room air blower, etc) , we can't get this pellet stove...
  2. N

    Hopper Extension

    I have a 2003 Englander 25-PDV. Does anyone make a hopper extension for it? I’m gone long hours for work and I’m tired of a cold house when I get home.
  3. vultage

    Englander 25-PDV Blows Fuse?

    This is my first experience with any pellet stove. My fiance' had bought it new in 2006. I just started researching, and learning about these stoves, hoping to get it back up and running for supplimentary heat. First,.. I took everything apart and cleaned everywhere I could. I installed the...
  4. N

    25-PDV too much heat!

    Hello. Am completely new to pellet stoves. I am renting a mobile home for a couple of months while the owners are travelling. In Yukon winters, the owners run the stove on 1-1 Mind you, it is -35 Celsius outside, and this is a mobile home! (there is an add-on which has a smaller pellet stove...
  5. N

    Englander pdv-25 steel wool mod.

    Long time reader. First time poster. First thing first thank you all for the information on this site its amazing welth of knowlage. Ok i got a pdv-25 this fall. Plugged it in runs great. I love it. But like alot on this board i get overflowing with unburnt glowing red pellets and clinkers...