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    Brand New Harmon Accentra 52i-TC Not Feeding

    Hey everyone. My family just got a new 52i-TC installed only a couple of months ago. Everything has been working just fine, only recently started using it on a regular basis, but I have been doing the cleaning typically prior to the notice displaying on the screen, trying to keep it very clean...
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    Harman 52i insert. It seems not enough combustion air is causing the fire to quickly quit and stop the stove.

    So. I gave my stove a good first of the year cleaning last week. Bear with me on being complete here as I always read people asking for help and not providing any info. What I cleaned: I didn't pull it out to clean but I cleaned all the inside. Including the burn pot holes, the area inside the...
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    Did I really update my TC53i software / firmware?

    I updated the firmware in my new Stove per the instructions on Hartman’s Website and the firmware update ran without issue and I booted back into the touch panel. https://www.harmanstoves.com/Products/Accentra52i-TC-Pellet-Insert.aspx So I am trying to figure out from Diagnostics screen 5/6 if...
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    Harman 52i Insert Outdoor Air Question

    Hi all, I will be having a 52i insert installed within the next couple of weeks. Question regarding outdoor air. My existing fireplace was built with an outdoor air inlet - basically a "brick vent" that I believe opens into the ash dump chute. You can't see an opening in the firebox, but you...