Did I really update my TC53i software / firmware?

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Feb 9, 2016
Lancaster, PA
I updated the firmware in my new Stove per the instructions on Hartman’s Website and the firmware update ran without issue and I booted back into the touch panel.

So I am trying to figure out from Diagnostics screen 5/6 if my firmware update was successful. It says it is for the Easy Touch Control.
I find it confusing that there are so many different versions of software components on each line.
I am trying to get my bed Stove on 20.02.03
Most of the entries begin with numeral 1, except the Model table which shows 20.02,03 and the wireless sensor which shows 20.02.031. (Or something close to that.

I was expected some of the other options to update as well to 20.02.03. But one confirmation is I do have the Dutch language (labeled “Nederlands”) which was part of the update.

Would anyone want to share with me what a fully updated Diagnostic screen should show for all the components?
Is it it OK that only the Model Table and Wireless Sensor seems to match the update version?
I was able to reached out to Harman and they said the "Model Table" entry in page 5/6 in the diagnostics screen is the line that reflects the latest software version. So if the "Model Table" Entry matches the name of the link on Harman's Website you are up to date.
All the other software components on the screen (like Bootloader, Touch Software, Control Software, Control Flash Image, Graphics Package) update automatically from the update file and will be the Correct version if the "Model Table" is correct, even though they may show varying Version Numbers that don't match the update version.

So to summarize "Model Table" is only entry one needs to confirm after update. You can ignore the rest of the entries as they are handled automatically.

(Does anyone else find it amusing that the stove flashes brightly while "flashing" the firmware :) )