harman accentra

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  1. Accentra Nov12

    Harman Hopper Lid Switch - Where does black wire go?

    Accentra not blowing heat….I have a wire not attached. My thought would be it goes to the Distribution Blower, although the “4th” corner is not labeled and doesn’t seem to have a post. Thoughts?? It looks like it goes to the lid switch…could it be affecting the heat not blower? I believe blower...
  2. F

    Anyone Using a Pure Sine Inverter for Harman Accentra ?

    I have a Harman Accentra and have been thinking about battery backup for power outages. We do have a generator, but in the event that fails, we want battery backup. Harman recommends an inverter that is not obsolete. I am wondering any anyone else is using an in-line pure sine inverter w/their...
  3. T

    Did I really update my TC53i software / firmware?

    I updated the firmware in my new Stove per the instructions on Hartman’s Website and the firmware update ran without issue and I booted back into the touch panel. https://www.harmanstoves.com/Products/Accentra52i-TC-Pellet-Insert.aspx So I am trying to figure out from Diagnostics screen 5/6 if...
  4. M

    Harman Accentra Insert filling with smoke

    Hi all, The short version: the inside of my stove is filled with smoke. It failed to light, and apparently failed to exhaust any smoke. I have five blinks on the control board, indicating that it tried to light, but timed out. Combustion blower? The light on the control panel indicates that it...
  5. OSBrain

    Harman pellet insert recommendation - P35i vs Accentra 52i

    Hi all, Thanks in advance for your home heating wisdom. I'm looking for insight on pellet burning insert recommendations. Our primary objective is to reduce our oil consumption. Location: western Mass New England, college town, few power outages experienced Ranch style home configuration -...
  6. S

    Harman 52i - TC Newbie

    Hello, Brand new to pellet stoves and I just got a Harman 52i-tc pellet insert installed. Seems like I have an awful lot of clinkers using barefoot pellets. Is there a way to get more air into the stove, and if so would that help. My flame also seems awfully high continually touching the top of...
  7. Brownstone mony pit

    A p61a, accentra 52i, and a serenity walk into a stone house.... looking for advice

    Hello! I have a few questions about what would be the best setup for some new stoves I've acquired this summer. I got a castle serenity back in January and it paid for itself this past winter with a 1000 dollar savings of oil. So instead of paying another $4500 for the hotwater baseboard to...
  8. M

    Ash in hot air output with Harman Accentra

    I recently installed a 2008 Harman Accentra insert. I followed the manufacturer's instruction, installing a chimney liner, and sealing the damper with sheet metal and rock insulation. I wrapped the bottom portion of the flex tubing with ceramic insulation. The pellet stove seems to work well...
  9. Jonkman

    Sound Wars! How loud is a Quadra-Fire Castile VS a Mt. Vernon vs an Accentra?

    I have a Quadra-fire Castile insert, and I have a friend who is interested in getting a pellet stove as well. I run my Castile on high most of the time to keep up ( I probably bought to small, but that's another matter). I always hear that the MVAE and E2 are so quiet. I have never seen one in...