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    6041 agitator runs as soon as it’s plugged in

    I recently received for free a us stove 6041. Had a couple of blown fuses from the previous owner but replaced them. As soon as I turn the stove on the agitator starts running without even hitting the on button. When I do hit the on button it never lights because the agitator is moving the...
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    USSC 6041 Shut Down Process

    We have an USSC 6041 stove we installed new in 2013. Have had great luck with the stove since using this forum to learn how to adjust settings. My question now concerns the shut down. The normal shut down takes at least 45 minutes and cools the room off as it cools the stove down. Is there a...
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    US Stove 6039 with upgrade board

    Hello all, long time listener first time caller here. I have a US Stove 6039 that I put a new 6041 style board in (originally it had the ABC board) and I'm trying to burn corn in it. The display shows HR1thru10, so I tried the holding heat range up/down to switch to corn mode, no dice, nothing...
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    Distribution Blow Issues

    I bought my US Stove 6041i pellet stove about a year ago. About 2 months into running the stove, it started putting out a "screaming" noise, which turned out to be bad bearings in the distribution blower. No problem. I called US Stove Co and they sent me a new blower under warranty, no...