6041 agitator runs as soon as it’s plugged in

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Feb 23, 2024
I recently received for free a us stove 6041. Had a couple of blown fuses from the previous owner but replaced them. As soon as I turn the stove on the agitator starts running without even hitting the on button. When I do hit the on button it never lights because the agitator is moving the pellets past the ignitor. Please help.
Sorry missed your post until now, when fuse blew the triac probably shorted too. A Triac acts as a on/off switch it is probably shorted on. They can be replaced by someone with moderate soldering skills. The triac for the Agitator is directly across from the fuse for the agitator. Circled in red. Should be a BTA12 600BW. The little box attached to the triac is a heat sink, video is not your board but does show replacing triac. When you separate boards be careful of the white ribbon connection on the end it will tear if twisted to much.

triac.jpgUSAM6041ControlPanel (3)scra.jpg

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