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  1. B

    6041 agitator runs as soon as it’s plugged in

    I recently received for free a us stove 6041. Had a couple of blown fuses from the previous owner but replaced them. As soon as I turn the stove on the agitator starts running without even hitting the on button. When I do hit the on button it never lights because the agitator is moving the...
  2. D

    US Stove 6039 Auger delay stays on

    I have a US Stove model 6039. My original board failed and I installed a US Stove and Breckwell PCB Circuit Board (80575) Everything works except the Auger which did work before the old board died. On the new board the "auger Delay" and "auto mode" flash. I've ran the stove for 30 mins by...
  3. P

    US Stove 5660 exhaust blower runs constantly

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and hoping you can help. I just bought a used 5660. Built in 2011. Initially when I plugged int he power cord the exhaust blower comes on immediately. When I hit the on button the power light would turn green and it would drop pellet, but no ignitor. The Auger trim 1&2...
  4. SonsofNutmeg

    Stove Auger has a “Reeling” Sound?

    Hi all. Anyone know what this might be? My 5 year old USSC 5660 pellet stove just started to have this “reeling” sound from the auger from time to time. I’m guessing this is when it’s dropping fuel down into the burn pot. Any suggestions on how to fix it?
  5. S

    US Stove 6039 with upgrade board

    Hello all, long time listener first time caller here. I have a US Stove 6039 that I put a new 6041 style board in (originally it had the ABC board) and I'm trying to burn corn in it. The display shows HR1thru10, so I tried the holding heat range up/down to switch to corn mode, no dice, nothing...
  6. C

    Backer Board and Mortar for Stove base

    Hey y'all, first post here. I'm building a tile hearth/base for my free standing wood stove (a US Stove 1100): two layers of 1/2" concrete backer board for a heat shield on top of a hardwood floor in the corner of the living room, then topped with some tile. All the online guides I've found...
  7. VirginiaIron

    Country Hearth US Stove 3000

    We did not find a lot of online user information that we thought was valuable, so the purpose of this thread is to provide some information, hopefully valuable, for those individuals who might be considering this particular stove. I get buyers remorse very easily, so I did all my research and...
  8. M

    US stove and King 5500 owners, pellet saving tip

    Hello folks, new around here, and my first season as a basement dweller. Just wanted to share a tip I found for the 5500 owners out there that seems to have been skipped in the manual. On the control board if you hold the AUX up and Heat Range up buttons simultaneously you can adjust the...