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    What kind of thimble do i need?

    Hello, here is how my chimney guy left things after installing the new 6” stainless steel liner: What do i need to buy to connect my stove pipe safely to this? It will be going through a completely non-combustible wall (steel studs, cement board, thin brick). The threads i’ve read are all...
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    Wood fireplace chimney reducer

    I recently bought a house that had an old existing wood burning fireplace. I decided to replace the fireplace with a new wood burning fireplace, but then convert it to gas. I wanted to keep the existing chimney which is double walled galvanized steel (outer) which is 11" on the outside and 8"...
  3. S

    Winslow PI40 Flex liner adapter

    The 3” pipe adapter (stove to flex pipe adapter) that came with my kit was not the right size for the Winslow PI40. I made it work with a crimping tool and a lot of high temp sealant but I am going to be removing it to clean the pipe and wanted to get an adapter that will fit better. Do any PI40...
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    Wood stove install struggles - what's the right adapter?

    Hi, folks! We are trying to set up a wood stove in our basement and have some kind of double-walled chimney pipe sticking out from the brick wall about 4.5". Neither the 6" nor the 8" Selkirk "universal chimney adapter" quite fit. From what I have read/seen, it seems we don't need a masonry...
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    Bought a house with a Blaze King Princess...but pipe needs repair

    Hi all, First time posting. I've recently bought a home that came with a Blaze King Princess in the living room, squarely in the center of the house. I've read a lot about the stove online, have learned a lot about wood burning from this site, and am excited to start using the stove. However...
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    Electric Insert Questions - plugging a built in system

    Hi All, Sorry if this has been asked before, couldn't find the specific query via search. We accidentally bought a build-in electric insert instead of a plug-in. Before we return the system (or hire an electrician), do we have any options to connect/adapt it for a standard wall outlet? I'm a...
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    Mama Bear help.

    Hi everyone! I moved into our new house this last winter. It came with a old "comforter" stove. It has a picture of a bird on the front. It doesn't heat really well and sometimes smokes out the top randomly. (I have no idea why) To make a long story short. I found a great deal on a...