ash dump

  1. jmprobert

    Odd smoke drafting on 1940's fireplace

    Hey everybody, I'm new here so hopefully I'm following the proper posting rules. My wife and I moved into a 1942 Cape Code style home that has a fireplace and ash dump. We had it inspected before last winter to make sure it was safe to burn and we were given the green light from the sweep until...
  2. W

    Filled ash dump chute with concrete: Can I do concrete all the way up?

    Hi folks, The plywood forms were never removed from under the hearth when the home was built :eek:, and major demolition would be required to access the ash pit to remove the plywood. (The pit is roughly 2x13 feet of floor area and a couple feet high, making it almost impossible to reach the...
  3. Chamel

    Sirocco 30: Can I Burn With The Ash Channel Seal In Place?

    Hi everyone! I'm ready to break in my Sirocco as soon as cooler weather comes in (probably this weekend.) My only concern left is can I burn the stove with the ash channel seal in place? I can't seem to fine a definite answer to this. The stove came shipped with a metal bottom plate with four...