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  1. B

    Shoulder season burn in Ashford 25 causing smoke?

    I had an Ashford 25 installed about 2 years ago but haven’t had much chance to use it due to a renovation. I’m now getting it spun up and have been trying some overnight burns the past few nights. A few nights ago our fire alarm went off at 3 in the morning, but I couldn’t tell which smoke...
  2. bikeshopguy345

    Did I buy the wrong stove?

    The situation: I live in North MS in a 1500sq.ft. ranch style home. We are on our first season with the Vermont Castings Aspen C3. We bought the stove with the intention of supplementing our 3ton heat pump central unit when the temps get below freezing. We really like the stove. It looks...
  3. W

    How long for new Blaze King paint to cure/smell/smoke

    Had the first fire in my new BK Ashford 30. It had a good amount of smoke coming off the whole top/sides of the firebox last night. Left it burning on low all night with the windows open. This morning the smoke is much less but the smell is still there. If anyone can tell me how normal this is...
  4. F

    Pre-Insulated vs. Non-insulated Price Differences

    Hello Everyone, Just ordered a Blaze King Ashford 25 Insert to install into our pre-existing masonry chimney. It's an exterior chimney, probably about 20' tall or maybe a little less from the top of the firebox, and located in the greater Boston area. The cold down draft coming in from the...
  5. BeachBumm

    Hearthston's "Shelburne" or Blaze King's Ashford 20"?

    After a lot or reading and asking questions we are down to the final decision for a new stove. As a last ditch effort - which stove is the best l-o-n-g term quality, easiest to use, best for keeping the chimney clean, most durable and simplest parts, etc? As always, all the stoves available...