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  1. L

    Older Ashley Stove identification

    Trying to identify this older Ashley wood stove. haven’t seen one with the grates on top before . going to look at it tomorrow and wondering if it’s worth $300 he’s asking. Thanks for any help or insight.
  2. B

    Ashley S3 surround kit - anywhere?

    I have an old Ashley AHI1 insert and I desperately need the wider surround kit...S3 is the part number. Any ideas on where to get one, if even possible? Thank you.
  3. H

    Help identifying an old Ashley wood stove

    Hey guys, I have an older Ashley Wood Stove I think about the 1980s I saw it on one of their old ads but for days I haven’t been able to figure out what I got or if there are even parts or a manual for it. Also cannot locate any tag on the stove with model or any information. Any help...
  4. T

    Ashley Heritage 5700 questions.

    Hello everyone, New to this forum, not new to forum etiquette. I have searched and searched to no avail... There is not very much info on my stove. I have worked with my general knowledge of things and applied common sense to link other stove solutions to mine but still have a few questions I...
  5. J

    Need Info on Ashley Insert Model A183624a1

    I own a home that currently has this insert. It does not have glass doors but the solid metal. I am trying to find out the weight of this unit. It was installed in the early 90's. It does have a blower. Any advice or if you know where I can get an owners manual that would be great.
  6. R

    Installing cast iron insert in old stone fireplace.

    Hello, I am hoping to get some advice for a project I am working on. Below are the details. My wife and I bought a late 1940's house that has an older open stone fireplace. Its in excellent shape. We have burned a couple very small fires in it, but just for looks rather than for heat. It does...