Older Ashley Stove identification

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New Member
Jan 5, 2024
Trying to identify this older Ashley wood stove. haven’t seen one with the grates on top before . going to look at it tomorrow and wondering if it’s worth $300 he’s asking. Thanks for any help or insight.

Older Ashley Stove identification Older Ashley Stove identification
the covering is a good thing as it means lower clearances needed. Unfortunately it also means any damage is hidden in those photos. Whether it’s worth $300 depends on how the inside looks. If it’s beat up and falling apart, no. If all the pieces are present and accounted for and in good shape, probably.

You’ll have to examine it carefully and make sure there’s a tag on back dictating what is required to install the stove safely.
Older Ashley Stove identificationOlder Ashley Stove identificationOlder Ashley Stove identification

I have an old Ashley as well. Can’t find anything searching model number. Any help would be appreciated. Thinking about replacing but dam they don’t build them like this anymore.
Says it's a model AH52 on the UL label. Ashley cabinet circulators are still sold, but not with the window. A modern stove will heat just as well while burning a bit less fuel.