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  1. N

    Wood Stove Temperature Monitoring with Raspberry Pi

    Inspiration for the project came from this thread: Automating wood stove with Pi. I was sick of having to get up and check the temperature of the stove with my thermal IR gun and wanted to be able to monitor the stove while I was away from it. Hardware and software specifics can be found at the...
  2. S

    Automated duct air damper; great one year test.

    Here is my duct air damper and control after one year test with no issues. Thanks for viewing. Looking forward to all your comments. Automated air damper
  3. J

    Automating wood stove with Pi

    I've posted this on another forum and wanted to share what I had here to help a wider audience. I originally got the idea from this forum so I hope you guys like it. I'm using a Pi2+B with a wifi dongle running Raspbian Buster on a Jotul F45 v2 wood stove. Stove was installed December 2020...
  4. Jcc583

    Vigas 40L CPU T3 Error

    I’m hoping someone can help me I have installed a Vigas 40L with an ak3000 CPU. The flue temp is read by a pt1000. I’m getting CPU T3 error. What type of sensor or thermostat is needed for the thermal storage T3 connection?