back puffing

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    VC Defiant only runs only at full throttle.

    Good evening! This is the first time that I have ever had to post an issue about a wood stove. I have a VC Defiant catalytic stove. It was bought new at the beginning of 2020. This stove replaced a VC Encore. I have owned wood stoves in other houses and never experienced an issue or...
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    Late season backpuffing

    Hey everyone. I am having a a sudden problem with my Jotul F55 v2 Carrabassett smoking out the vent when we start it cold. (I’m talking a lot of back flow out the vent.) We didn’t have this problem all winter but now when we are doing evening fires this spring we are getting a lot of smoke back...
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    Little moe back puffs

    Hi, I'm brand new to this forum and I'm here because I just had professionals install a little moe all nighter. Upon starting a fire, with valves open all the way, there is a catenation type of sound and the dial vent in the front puffs out smoke. With the door open, smoke does not come out the...
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    Secondary burn issue. Resolute II

    When damper is down smoke comes in house. Is there a way to vacuum out secondary burn area w/out taking off the backplate
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    Running a Vermont Cast Iron Defiant in non-catalytic form

    We bought a house with a Vermont Cast Iron Defiant installed...I'm guess its less than 6 or 7 years old at this point. I want to run in in non-catalytic converter form and my question is do I just take out the catalytic converter box and put the 2 ceramic covers back in place or do I leave...