Secondary burn issue. Resolute II

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New Member
Oct 13, 2016
Cape Cod
When damper is down smoke comes in house. Is there a way to vacuum out secondary burn area w/out taking off the backplate
Sorry it is a resolute 1979 on inside back. Double doors. Resolute II. Chimney Got cleaned out from the bottom. Has temporary elbow. To back of stove Instead of t. I know I need to change that so it is a Tee with clean out at bottom But anyway, Thinking all ash is clogging secondary chamber after cleaning. Appreciate thought. Thank you. Hope to hear from you defiant 3
tell us your procedure on starting a fire. also how old is your wood? and what temperature are you closing your damper at?
If you remove the right interior insert then you can sneak a vacuum hose around behind the fireback. Single screw holds the right insert, middle below the opening. Pry out with claw hammer, it may be challenging.