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  1. Chill in Northern VT

    Stove Noises

    Hi All: So my new US steel woodstove is burning great. I love being able to heat up the house so much quicker. However now that I’m on about my 10th burn, when I get up to temp (380-400) I’m getting a “tink, tink, tink” noise that sounds like it is coming from The stove (not the flue pipe)...
  2. W

    Harman 52i insert. It seems not enough combustion air is causing the fire to quickly quit and stop the stove.

    So. I gave my stove a good first of the year cleaning last week. Bear with me on being complete here as I always read people asking for help and not providing any info. What I cleaned: I didn't pull it out to clean but I cleaned all the inside. Including the burn pot holes, the area inside the...
  3. O

    Jamestown J1000 Combustion fan fix

    Our house came with a Circa 1994 Jamestown pellet stove. This little stove is priceless and performs as needed for our 1500 sq ft house. About 2 weeks ago, the combustion fan started making a terrible noise. In my forum investigating, I found 2 things 1. Jamestown does not carry or has very...
  4. T

    DIY Secondary Combustion / Air

    I want to share what I have learned from hours of reading forums and watching youtube - an attempt to repay those who laid the groundwork for me. I have a Suburban Manufacturing Wood Chief / Coal Chief stove insert that has faithfully heated my house(s) since 2006ish. This is been a great...
  5. Stratcat900

    Santa Fe Combustion blower works fine – but doesn't start when thermostat calls for heat

    I have a four year old Quadra Fire Santa Fe that's not re-starting when the thermostat calls for heat. I have had this problem on occasion since day 1, and the frequency has increased to the point that the stove simply isn't usable. It's well maintained, cleaned often, professionally serviced...
  6. touchthewindrider

    Help me understand the Jotul 500

    I have been burning a VC Dutchwest Sequoia for the last twenty years in a 2000sqft single story house. I've rebuilt it a couple of times, replaced the catalytic combustor every couple of years; get up in the middle of the night and stoked it with wood and use wood with a moisture content of 15%...
  7. A

    Ravelli Roma releasing smoke at start up

    I have a Ravelli Roma pellet stove which is 1 year old. Last year I didn't have any problems but this year every time it goes to start up it fills with smoke and the combustion is so strong it shakes the stove and releases smoke into the room. Sometimes the combustion causes the baffle to fall...
  8. Y

    Combustible Floor & Mantle?

    I got a stove installed. It is 30" from the top to the bottom of the wood mantle. Also the face is 10" to the wood floor. The installer said no worries about being combustible but you would want a hearth extension pad to protect the floor. I burned last night and the temp of the floor and mantle...
  9. S

    Secondary burn issue. Resolute II

    When damper is down smoke comes in house. Is there a way to vacuum out secondary burn area w/out taking off the backplate
  10. C

    Harman Accentra: no pressure difference due to failed combustion motor?

    Hi. My Harman Accentra insert worked last year. When I tried to turn it on for the first time this year, neither the feed motor nor the ingitor came on. I pulled out the pressure switch and when i create a small negative pressure at the input I can hear the contacts close and then open again...