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  1. Jotel me this

    Pilot orifice? Where?

    I have a Travis Xtrordinair 44 fireplace. Page 12 says the 'air tubes under the baffle needs to remain ignited for low burns to be effective' and 'the primary orifice at the center bottom of the door opening is designed to help secondary combustion.' Im either blind or dumb. I have scoured this...
  2. S

    Drolet Heat Commander secondary burn...

    Good day everyone, This is my second season of using my Drolet Heat Commander. I had a two story home with the unit in the basement (obviously), so, 3 levels all together. I am starting to think I am over-drafting as I rarely get good secondary burns out of the unit. The baffles are pushed...
  3. T

    DIY Secondary Combustion / Air

    I want to share what I have learned from hours of reading forums and watching youtube - an attempt to repay those who laid the groundwork for me. I have a Suburban Manufacturing Wood Chief / Coal Chief stove insert that has faithfully heated my house(s) since 2006ish. This is been a great...
  4. S

    Secondary Burn Tube Replacement

    I just bought a home with an approximately 10-11 year old Canyon Country series 310. The secondary burn tubes (4) were shot so I ordered a new set along with new baffle board and blanket. Even though two were rusted through and the other two looked pretty bad, I had to cut them out. I am...
  5. S

    Secondary burn issue. Resolute II

    When damper is down smoke comes in house. Is there a way to vacuum out secondary burn area w/out taking off the backplate
  6. DIYstoveGUY

    HELP with VC Montpelier secondary burn issues

    So I'm new to the forum and a couple years deep into wood stove burning. This may be long winded so I do apologize but the more info I give you, the better you may be able to help me. I have a exterior fireplace (16ft) that I installed a vogelzang colonial insert a couple years ago. The thing...
  7. M

    Brunco Hearthglow Secondary Retrofit

    Hi Everyone, I recently moved into a house with an existing Brunco Hearthglow insert, pictured below. It's technically a coal burner, so the "primary" air is fed through an opening between the ash pan and the bottom of the doors and comes up through the bottom grates inside the firebox. It...
  8. Nofossil

    Question: Primary/Secondary storage, delta T

    I have a couple questions about primary/secondary design. I understand the flexibility inherent in the idea that each source and load is independent and can have its own flow rate. I have a harder time understanding how to take advantage of storage effectively, and how to manage delta T for...
  9. buddha65281

    Secondary Air Tube sizes

    Hello everyone, it has been about 2 yrs I believe since I last was on this forum, I hope that everyone has been safe and in good health. The reason I am here tonight is to ask why there are 2 sizes of holes in the secondary air tubes and if it matters about installation position? I had to have...