Resolute II Glass

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New Member
Feb 12, 2024
Hello all, I recently purchased a home last summer with a couple older wood stoves. The one we use the most is a VC Resolute II. I have learned a ton about wood burning on this site in the past few months, thank you all for that.

The Resolute II is in pretty dang good shape for its age. I replaced all the gaskets and it seems to run well for what it is. I purchased a one-piece glass for the front of the stove to give a little glow to the room, it currently has a cast block off over the window. From reading on here I understand that they used to be two-piece and changed the design along the way sometime to a single. I read that the glass was designed when running the stove in coal mode and would likely soot up, but I’d like to try and give it a Shot anyway. Well the one I ordered says it’s for a Res I & II and the ceramic glass seems like the exact same size as the opening however the door is curved and the glass is straight. I can find glass retainers for the two-piece style but nothing for the single.

Is this glass for a different stove, or is there some kind of retainer that would make up the curved part of the glass so it sits flush on the door? I’d say that with the glass laying on there, it’s about 1/2” gap in the center top and bottom (again, curved door, flat glass). Doesn’t seem like an amount of rope would seal it up. Anyone have any advice?

I’ve thought about maybe trying to find a glass blower or something, taking him the glass and the cast block off plate to see if they could match the radius, but seems unlikely.