VC Resolute III with no obvious there a way to date it?

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New Member
Oct 22, 2023
I love my little Resolute. I got it on Freecycle in the mid-2000s and started using it in earnest around 2010. It's in good shape and my chimney stays surprisingly clean. (Except both andirons have broken off halfway, and one griddle hinge is broken. I know both are easily replaced, but it works fine the way it is.)

It does have two doors, and glass windows, and it does not have a cutout on the left inside panel of the firebox. The stovepipe opening is slightly oval, but it was installed with a round stovepipe by longtime VC-experienced folks so I assume that's fine.

So I'm sure it's a Resolute III, but I would love to know if there is some way to narrow down the year. No real need; just driving curiosity.

Behind the damper and inside the doors and on the underside of the griddle and inside the body there are various numbers stamped, but nothing resembling a date like in photos others have posted from Resolute IIIs. There are no numbers on the back. I haven't crawled underneath to look at the bottom yet, but that's the only place I haven't checked.

Was there a period of time in the 80s when the manufacture date was omitted? Any other clues I can look for to figure out what year it was made?