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  1. J

    LP Fireplace Insert Not Starting Properly

    I recently installed a KozyHeat Chaska 29 LP Fireplace Insert in my old existing wood fireplace/chimney, and it is having difficulty starting up during cold/windy days. All connections are solid, and I actually fabricated my own chimney cap. With the chimney cap, I used(2) 3" duct 90 deg elbows...
  2. Chill in Northern VT

    Hearthstone iii Top Stones...Cement?

    Hi Everyone. I picked up a barely used little Hearthstone iii this year and we have been using it with great success after a thorough cleaning. We recently replaced the door/glass gaskets. After a day of 65+MPH winds and crazy gusting, I got some back-drafts out of the top of the stove that...
  3. M

    Old stove moved to new house. Back puff and creosote questions.

    TL;DR I am still new to running a stove I've had for a few years and hoping to get advice on what to do moving forward... Hey all. I recently moved to a new (to me) house and there was a large timberline stove setup downstairs. I pulled it out and installed my Warnock Hersey 24-IC because it...
  4. O

    Backdraft through second flue

    odd little problem... It have a two flue chimney with a wood stove on the first floor Connected to one flue and and second stove in the basement Connected to the second. Lately I’ve been noticing a slight smoke smell in the basement when the first floor stove is running only. It seems like it is...
  5. A

    Negative Pressure Draft - Better to Fix or Airtight Damper

    Hi there! I'm new to these forums, been looking through them the last few weeks, and I probably read every thread on negative pressure and backdrafting, but did not really see an answer to this question: Is it safe/OK to just put an airtight damper on the top of the chimney to stop backdrafting...
  6. G

    getting stoves to coexist on two floors - possible?

    This is the general version of a specific question ( ). Scenario: Two story house, upside down with bedrooms below and kitchen/living up. Cold climate. Desire: A small stove downstairs for morning heat, to take the...
  7. T

    Renting in Spain w/stove issues - feedback for landlord please!

    Hi everyone, and happy New Year to you! I spent Christmas week reading tonnes of posts on here (and linked articles) to try and get to grips with our stove, which has been huffing and puffing and filling our flat with smoke. From the wealth of info here I think I know what's causing it (multiple...
  8. B

    Wood stove won't draw through clay chimney

    I have a 1978 Glacier bay wood burner with an 8" pipe connected to an exterior masonry chimney (13x13). Just purchased the house and the wood stove backdrafts terribly. the height of the chimney is about 16' and it meets the 2 and 10 code. Thinking I need to line the flue. Any advise or...